Hiring a Private Investigator can be an overwhelming task. Most people will never hire a Private Investigator during their lifetime. However, if you have a need for a private investigator than the issue of cost can become a big issue. The fees charged by Pennington & Associates are highly competitive. For one, we advertise our fees, which is unusual in the industry. As a client of Pennington & Associates you have two options when it comes to the cost of hiring a private investigator. One, you can pay by the hour for work completed on your case file. Secondly, you can pay a flat fee for all the work completed on your case file. In many cases, a flat fee is in the best interest of the client.

  • Is a consultation free?

    Pennington & Associates provides free consultations. Most private investigation firms set a time limit on consultations, we do not. If you call us and the consultation takes three hours, you will not be billed. In most cases, a consultation only takes about one hour. However, you can call us again and again, until you are comfortable with us. In many cases, potential clients never need to hire a private investigator, which is why we spend so much time sorting things out during the consultation process.

  • How is the cost of my investigation figured?

    In most cases, Pennington & Associates accepts case assignments at a flat fee. In this form of fee structure, you pay a set fee and only pay this set fee. All flat fees are billed in two parts. The first part is for the investigation, which is due before the investigation is started. The second part of the fee is only due if you need the services of an investigator during a court proceeding or another form of hearing where an investigator is expected to provide testimony. The second fee is due before an investigator provides testimony.

    In limited cases, Pennington & Associates will bill by the hour. A per hour fee is only used when we are unable to confidently predict the necessary work required to achieve the investigation you are requesting. For example, surveillance operations are always billed by the hour. In this arrangement, you will be required to pay an upfront retainer before any work on your investigation is started.

  • What payment options are available?

    Pennington & Associates accepts all major credit cards, personal check, and cash. If you are paying by credit card, you can pay online when you receive your invoice.

  • What type of cases are accepted?

    Pennington & Associates specializes in criminal defense investigations. In respect to criminal cases, we provide full and limited investigations. We accept private and court appointed cases. However, we also accept civil cases in the area of investigative support for attorneys and private individuals who are involved in a civil action.

    We accept cases involving domestic issues. For example, child custody or infidelity. However, we are extremely selective in this area of investigations. If we feel the case will present some form of barrier to success, we will decline your request. Moreover, we require any investigative assignment in this area to have clear achievable objectives.

  • Will Pennington & Associates provide legal advise?

    Pennington & Associates' investigators will not provide any form of legal advise. We are only able to advise you of possible investigative methods to meet your intended objectives.

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Pennington & Associates Ltd. provides civil and criminal investigation services. Private investigators are available for immediate service in Ohio throughout the cities of Ironton, Portsmouth, Gallipolis, Jackson, Chillicothe, Cincinnati, Columbus, and surrounding areas. Service is immediately available in West Virginia throughout the cities of Huntington, Charleston, and surrounding areas.

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