Discovery File Review and Analysis

The review and analysis of a discovery file is a critical step in any form of litigation. Pennington & Associates is able to complete a comprehensive review producing a timeline of events starting from the original incident to the start of litigation. This knowledge set is used to produced a graphical representation of the timeline. Secondly, the review is used to determine what may have not been included in the discovery file based on known social, business, and governmental cause-and-effect. This is the first stage of analysis completed. Proceeding this stage, recommendations will be made for further discovery requests.

The second stage of analysis involves a
Quality of Information Check and a Key Assumption Check of all known information. This stage determines the existence of information gaps or errors of logic in the opposing counsels theory. This stage is based on the existence of hard evidence or the clear lack of evidence.

The final stage of analysis is the use of a diagnostic methodology known as
Analysis of Competing Hypotheses. This methodology involves making a comparison between known evidence and an array of competing hypotheses. This stage is used to determine the existence of critical evidence or evidence that holds a diagnostic value. In short, the existence of evidence holding diagnostic value creates one of two scenarios. The opposing counsel’s theory is sustained, which requires the evidence to be tested for creditability. Secondly, the evidence’s existence, after placed in proper context, can force a paradigm shift in the prevailing theory.
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