FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pennington & Associates Ltd. has now Established a Formal Application Process for Pro Bono Investigations

PRESS RELEASE: Ironton, Ohio — November 14, 2016 — Pennington & Associates Ltd. is now accepting requests from the public for pro bono investigative services.

Over the last year, the investigators at Pennington & Associates Ltd. have received several requests to provide pro bono investigative services to the public. Although pro bono investigative services have been offered to the public in the past, this is the first time that Pennington & Associates Ltd. has provided a formal application process to enroll in these services. The owner and founder of Pennington & Associates Ltd., Jeremy Lee Pennington, has since determined the need to establish a formal application process for pro bono requests.

The public is now able to submit an application in request of our pro bono investigative services. Although a limited number of requests will be accepted, Pennington & Associates Ltd. is currently searching for civil and criminal cases that stand to have an impact on the communities that the firm serves.

Community members are encouraged to apply for investigative services that involve any matter. However, cases in the area of criminal defense, missing or abducted persons, and unexplained deaths. Interested members of the public can get started on the application process by clicking on the following URL:

Pennington & Associates offers cost-effective and highly-skilled private investigative services with an advanced layer of analysis through an efficient business concept. The firm’s services are currently available in Ohio and West Virginia.

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