FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Ground Breaking Book Criminal Defense Investigation: Theory, Practice, and Methods is Now Available for Free Online.

PRESS RELEASE: Ironton, Ohio — November 1, 2016 — Pennington & Associates Ltd. has recently released its written work on criminal defense investigation to the open web.

Criminal Defense Investigation: Theory, Practice, and Methods provides the essential knowledge that you need to uncover critical evidence during a criminal defense investigation. From using investigative theory to uncovering evidence with advanced analytical concepts, you will learn the skills required to conduct criminal defense investigations from a perspective that is grounded in sophisticated analytical techniques. As this resource is specifically tailored to those who already know how to collect evidence, it will allow experienced investigators to improve their established skill sets.

This full written work is now available at Pennington & Associates Ltd.’s website and can be located via the following URL:

Pennington & Associates Ltd. offers cost-effective and highly-skilled private investigative services with an advanced layer of analysis through an efficient business concept. The firm’s services are currently available in Ohio and West Virginia.

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