Private Investigators Columbus Ohio - Locate a Person

Private Investigators Athaila Ohio - Locate a Person

Pennington & Associates’ private investigators are available in Columbus, Ohio, and are experts in locating people. If a person’s whereabouts are not known to you or the individual is truly missing due to suspicious circumstances, we can assist in finding that person.

Our private investigators have a wide array of resources for locating people. They have access to a robust private database with millions of records. These records include people’s addresses, telephone numbers, utility bills, property records, and banking records. Beyond database research, our private investigators know where to search in the Columbus, Ohio, area and surrounding areas. Pennington & Associates’ private investigators are also experts in field investigations. We even know how to locate people who are living on the fringes of society.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator to find a person? It depends on the specific scenario. For example, if the person you are trying to locate has simply moved across the country but you don’t know where, an investigation to find this person could cost around $75 to $150. However, if the circumstances are more complex, the investigation’s cost can be significantly more. Obtaining the specific cost for an investigator to locate the person requires a detailed review of your specific circumstances by a licensed private investigator. Following the review, our investigators will immediately provide you the flat fee.

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