Job Announcement - Senior Investigator

Position - Senior Investigator

Senior investigators are the heartbeat of Pennington & Associates Ltd. Senior investigators work independently with limited oversight from the Principal Investigator. As independent contractors, Senior Investigators receive half of all net-revenue from assigned or acquired cases.

The Firm

Pennington & Associates Ltd. is a cutting edge investigative firm. We encourage innovation among investigators.
When you work with us as a Senior Investigator you:

- Work from home
- Set your own hours
- Have unlimited earning potential


Senior Investigators are compensated directly based on their ability to obtain clients and secure cases. You will receive half of all net-revenue from assigned or acquired cases as the Responsible Senior Investigator. On your separation from Pennington & Associates, you will receive 5% of the net-revenue generated from clients you secured while working for Pennington & Associates.

Key Responsibilities

- Direct client management
- Investigative case and operational management
- Direct investigative tasking

Required Qualifications

- Five years of investigative experience. Qualification can include work as a law enforcement patrolman, detective, or staff private investigator. We are interested in your skill level in analyzing information and interacting with the public.
- Successful completion of a background investigation

Preferred Qualifications

The following qualifications are not required, but highly sought after:
- Bachelor’s Degree
- Sales experience
- Experience with complex investigations, i.e., homicide, conspiracy, complex drug crimes.

Deadline for Applications

We are always recruiting highly skilled Senior Investigators.

Current Locations

Columbus, Ohio
Akron, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio
Chillicothe, Ohio

Application Process

Email your CV or Resume and a cover letter to:
Upon submission of your CV or Resume and a cover letter, the following process will be completed:
  1. Review of qualifications
  2. If we identify a need for your qualifications, the Principal Investigator will request an interview, in person or by telephone.
  3. If found qualified and a good fit for the culture of Pennington & Associates, you will be offered a conditional position, subject to a background check.
  4. If your background is suitable, you will be offered a contract.
  5. If you agree to the offered contract, you will initially work under the mentorship of the Principal Investigator and then independently.